When I publish my pages, the changes
don't seem to show up?

When you FTP files to your site or publish Using FrontPage, the changes are made immediately on the server. 

However you might not see the changes for 2 reasons:
1. Your browser is showing you an old page that it has cached on your local hard drive. To force the browser to reload the current page form the server, hold down the <SHIFT> key while you click on the Reload button (Netscape) or Refresh button (Internet Explorer). Or, if you are using the built in AOL browser, hold down the <CTRL> key while you click on the Refresh button (Normally just to the left of the address bar and Home Icon).

2. Another possible reason you are not seeing your changes: If you are working on your home page and your home page was named index.html but you now have it named index.htm, you might be changing the index.htm page but still seeing the index.html page. index.html has a higher preference than index.htm as a home page. Te resolve this,  just rename your home page to index.html