For those who wish to stay up on their linguistics, those little icons in Internet Explorer are called .....

Favicons (pronounced Fave - eye - con).  Favicon is short for Favorites Icon.  

A Favicon is a way to "brand" your site with your own icon.    First of all you will need to create your own "icon" using either software that creates icons or by converting an image that you already have to an icon.  

TuCows is a great place to find software  Click here to see what "icon software" is available for download.


For best results you will want to create an icon that is 16x16 pixels.

If creating your favicon seems a little overwhelming, feel free to ask us about our prices.

Now save the icon as favicon.ico and put it in the root directory of your web site.  

A few things to note.  

The favicon.ico file name should be spelled correctly and be all lower case.

The icon will only appear if someone has bookmarked your site.  

Also, if you have already bookmarked your own site and then install the favicon.ico file, you may or may not see your icon.

Upload your icon in binary format.