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Why can't I connect at V.90 speeds?

Even though all our locations support V.90, this does not guarantee that you will get V.90 speeds. Connection speeds are dependent on many things including:

1) Phone line quality. check your phone line to see if it qualifies for V.90 speeds at: http://www.usr.com/products/line-test.asp.

2) Modem compatibility. The better the modem the better chance that your equipment and the ISP's will connect reliably and without failures. Windows LT modems are known for their problems and are the least expensive modem on the market.

3) Modem Firmware. DO you have an X2 modem made by US-Robotics. Well, try upgrading it to V.90, this should be the fix.

4) Operating system. Yes this does matter. If you have windows 95, you will want to upgrade your DUN to 1.3 off the Microsoft website.

Those are just a few things that determine your connection speed, others include: distance of the POP that you are dialing into, computer hardware (old 386's, ahhhh!), modem drivers (update them!!), etc.